Dan's Story

Dan's Story

On Alpha strangers become friends, and friends become family.


Dan is the pastor of a young church in Cebu City which he started by running Alpha. This is his story. 

I’m part of a church in Bacolod called His Life Ministries, which has been running Alpha for several years now. I personally really like Alpha because it’s an evangelism program that the whole church can get involved in.

When I was sent to plant a church in Cebu, I decided to use Alpha as a starting point. First, because it was something that my whole team could participate in. And second, I wanted to reach the young professionals in the city, and I thought that they might respond really well to Alpha.

But before we started any activities, the first thing we did was we got to know the city better. We got to know a few people, began to understand their culture, and began to ask questions about what they needed. One striking thing we found was that people were looking to experience a sense of belonging.


Young professionals, especially, seemed to be looking for a place where they could make new friends in an easy environment. 

And so when we finally started running Alpha, we had a good sense of what our target audience needed. The guests on our Alpha - mostly in their 20s - loved the set up, the games, the discussion time, and this sense of going on a journey with others to ask life’s big questions. Alpha made it easy to create the feeling of community that our guests were looking for. 

In the fast-paced life of a big city, people need a place where they can slow down and have a moment to pause and breathe. Alpha creates that space. It helps the church to meet people’s need for meaningful conversations. On Alpha strangers become friends, and friends become family. 


Our guests on Alpha enjoy the experience so much that they start coming to church, and even start inviting their friends to come with them!

One of our guests on Alpha was an atheist when she started, had an encounter with Jesus, and now she’s a Christian and serving in church! She’s now a small group leader on Alpha. 

There are some challenges you’ll encounter when you run Alpha. It will not be as perfect as you plan it to be - but run it anyway. What’s important is that you take the time to journey with people, and as you do, you’ll just be amazed by how God transforms lives: your guests, your team, and yours too!

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